Application Materials

  • A cover letter indicating that a Postdoctoral Fellowship is sought.
  • A description of the project to be undertaken during residence (500-1000 words).
  • A curriculum vitae.
  • A sample of your written work.
  • Letters of reference from three knowledgeable scholars. We recommend letters whose content is blinded to the applicant. Email all letters directly to
  • Documentation affirming that the requisite doctorate was awarded within five years of the intended starting date of the fellowship.
    The Fellowship may only be held by scholars with the requisite doctorate. If the applicant does not have the requisite doctorate at the time of application, the applicant should include documentation establishing that it is very likely that the doctorate will be completed by April 15. This documentation must include a letter from the applicant’s supervisor affirming that completion of the doctorate by April 15 is very likely. For important conditions concerning the completion of the doctorate see The Fine Print.

Become a PostDoc Fellow

We are now accepting applications for 2022-23. Apply by Dec. 9, 2022.